3 Simple Solutions to Build Trust and Beat Anxiety

Life at times can be a challenge.

It’s so easy to beat yourself down.

However, there are ways you can overcome negative thinking, defeat anxiety, and live at your very best. Today, we are going to talk about how building trust can lead you towards living the life you’ve always dreamed about.

The Negative Voice in Your Head: 

We all fight our own internal battles..

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book, Quantum Healing, the average person thinks approximately 65,000 thoughts per day. Research also shows somewhere between 70-80% of those thoughts are negative.

What’s also interesting is 95% of our thoughts are the exact same thoughts that passed through our minds the day before… Basically are thinking is on a continual loop which is why it is so easy to get caught in a continuous cycle of negativity.

The triggers that lead you towards negativity could be many things:

– A relationship gone south. 

– A situation gone wrong. 

– The loss of a promotion or job. 

No matter the problem, the only way to remove yourself from this whirlwind of negativity is to dig away at the root of the problem… A lack of trust.

The Essential Ingredient of Winning Teams: Trust

Winning teams can teach us a lot about the power of trust. Teams that win are a collective group of individuals that trust their teammates, their coaches, and their systems.

The characteristics of winning teams are the same concepts that can help you win in your own life.

Winners don’t 2nd guess… They trust.

Winners don’t make excuses… They lead.

Winners don’t criticize… They collaborate.

Winners don’t blame… They support.

Without trust, individuals and teams will experience continual breakdowns prohibiting them from ever reaching their full potential.

Let’s look at a few areas that can help you build trust.

3 Ways to Build Trust and Live Anxiety Free:  

1) Trust God: In a world of 6 billion people, you, yourself were created in the image and likeness of God Himself! You are LOVED immensely. Keep your faith strong. Continue to pray. God hears all of your prayers and I believe he answers us in three ways: 1) Yes. 2) Not yet. 3) I have something better in mind. Keep your trust in God. 

2) Trust the Plan: Instead of focusing on directing your life, focus instead on maximizing your life. Let go of the need to control the outcome and shift your energies towards things you can control: Everyday you can give your very best. Everyday you can have a great attitude. If you truly do believe that everything happens for a reason then understand everything that is happening is unfolding exactly as it’s supposed to. You just need to trust the plan. 

3) Trust the Process: Amazing things happen when we trust. Somehow, someway, things start to work out. We must be patient as the process takes time, as all good things do, but as our trust builds, life gradually begins to turn in the right direction. All you need to do is trust the process. 

In conclusion:

When you feel overwhelmed… Trust in God. 

When you feel worried or anxious… Trust the Plan. 

When you feel self doubt start to set in… Trust the Process. 

Until next week, thanks for reading!


Keep Chipping Away at Greatness

JP Clark

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