John Wooden Reveals his Simple Secret to Success

Little things make big things happen.

Daily progress leads to substantial gains.

Keep reading as you will learn how small things repeated over time lead to massive gains in your development.

Pat Williams, the author of multiple books on Coach John Wooden, spoke of a “Eureka moment” for himself while dining with the legendary coach.

The night of the magical moment, Williams asked Wooden, “Coach, if you could pinpoint just one secret of success in life, what would it be?”

Coach Wooden, the winner of 11 National Championships and the creator of the Success Pyramid, answered simply and brilliantly, “The closest I can come to one secret of success is this: a lot of little things done well.”

Coach Wooden gave us the secret!

The secret to our success lies within our ability to do the little things well each and everyday! 

By applying this principle, we can monumentally develop ourselves in any area we seek to improve!

The Power of Focusing Small: 

Let’s use an example to illustrate just how powerful small things repeated over time can be.

NBA Player X would like to extend his shooting range to be able to consistently make 3 point shots. 

Player X makes a commitment to stay after practice for an additional 10 minutes each day to shoot 3 point shots.

Consider this…

On average, a player can shoot about 100 shots in 10 minutes. With the NBA season being around 9 months long, Player X will shoot an extra 27,000 3 point shots! 

Imagine if you were to take this small focus principle and apply it towards an area in your life?

How much more would your skills develop?

How much more confident would you be?

All possible because you made the commitment to chip away daily.

Small Victories: 

We all have the opportunity each day to take small steps forward in our development. The short focus approach can help you improve in any area.

Become a better leader…. 10 minutes daily studying the great leaders.  

Become more positive….  Spend 5 minutes daily on what you’re grateful for.  

Become a better teammate…. 2 positive comments per day to teammates.

As the proverb says, “Little by little, a little becomes A LOT!

Daily deposits lead to massive returns!

Here is a simple plan to help you maximize your daily victories.

Maximizing Daily Wins:

  1. Identify: Find the area you would like to improve in.
  2. Focus Small: Come up with a sustainable daily routine that you can consistently perform each day.
  3. Commit: Day in and day out you must perform your routine. Consistency is the key in creating substantial gain.

By making the commitment to chip away each day, you set yourself up for extraordinary success.

As Coach Wooden says, “Little things make big things happen.”

Until next week, thanks for reading!


Keep Chipping Away at your Greatness

JP Clark