How to Build Confidence that Lasts

The key to success is confidence.” This is a phrase we often hear. While there is plenty of truth in that statement, the real question is, “How do we build our confidence?” Even the best of the best struggle with maintaining their confidence.

At 14 years old, US gymnast Simone Biles left the public school system to begin homeschooling so she could train with the elite level gymnasts, often for 32+ hours per week.

Initially in her development, Simone was too hard on herself. Simone’s mom, Nellie, remembers,“Regardless of how she performed, she never thought she could measure up to her peers because her peers were her idols. She didn’t think she was good enough. It was hard to get through to her that you are just as good.”  (Wash. Post)

In 2013, at 16 years old, Simone was ready to compete in her first world championship event. She remembers being nervous before receiving some heartfelt wisdom from her mom. “I used to be so hard on myself and she’s like, ‘You know what, just go out there and be the best Simone that you can be. You don’t have to compete against anybody. It’s just you and yourself out there.’ So that always just helped me calm down.” (NBC)

Simone took those words of encouragement and proceeded to win the gold medal in 2013. She repeated as champion in both 2014 and 2015, and this past week, she became the face of the Olympic games as she won the gold medal in overall gymnastics.

Within our own lives, we as well, have the potential to become the best version of ourselves. By focusing inward, like Simone, it helps us eliminate distractions and calm our nerves as we have only one focus: Go out and do the best job we can.

By focusing in on doing our best, we eliminate all the unnecessary distractions as we realize these are external factors that are out of our control.

The only way we can build lasting confidence is by putting our entire focus on “Controllable’s.” Focusing our attention on striving to do better is something we can replicate time and time again.

The opposite approach of comparing ourselves with others is a volatile one, constantly changing with each success and failure we experience. One filled with extreme highs and lows which reflect the roller coaster ride of our self confidence.

By striving to do our best, the fear of how we are being perceived can no longer paralyze us. The consistency in our approach helps us strengthen our internal beliefs and leads us towards lasting confidence.

This Bible verse perfectly sums up this week’s message, ”Let everyone be sure to do his very best, for then he will have the personal satisfaction of work done well and won’t need to compare himself with someone else.” (Galatians 6:4)

Let’s all concentrate this week on doing our very own best work.

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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JP Clark