4 Take Away Lessons We Can Learn from the Olympics

Every 4 years, the Olympic games bring the world together for 16 straight days. We are all universally inspired; cheering, hoping, and sighing, while we watch our nation’s most amazing athletes compete for the gold.

There are so many parallels between sports and life. We can learn so much from watching the highest levels of sport.

4 Lessons from the Olympics: 

1. The Importance of a Strong Belief System: Olympians spend their lives hoping and preparing for their Olympic moment. Years upon years of focused practice. Working to perfect a craft that, in some cases, takes only seconds to complete. All with the hopes of making your country proud. This adds up into a lot of pressure, and the magnitude of the moment would be overwhelming if the athlete did not have a strong belief system.

Beliefs vary among athletes, but it’s clear Olympic athletes are very strong internally. Whether it’s their spiritual faith, or their own self confidence, we can see the power of belief while watching the Olympics. There is a powerful video detailing the difficult road Michael Phelps has taken where he talks about the book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” and how the lessons inside the book helped turn his life around.

2. Pushing Past the Fear of Failure: Olympians are able to perform on a world stage because they have learned to manage the fear of failure. A healthy fear will always remain, but the best athletes learn to channel that fear towards propelling them forward. Olympians understand they are working towards accomplishing something bigger than themselves, and they refuse to let fear get in the way. As Michael Phelps says, “If you say “Can’t,” you’re restricting what you can do, or ever will do.”

3. The Importance of Playing to your Strengths: Olympians specialize in their strengths. Swimmers master the strokes that they do best; gymnasts perform in the events that suit them best; track and field athletes enter events in which their strengths lie. Olympic athletes understand they cannot compete in every event, so they choose to focus on the events in which they do well. When we choose to master that in which we do well, we give ourselves our own competitive advantage and begin to operate within our strengths zone.

4. The Benefit of Surrounding Yourself with Great People: In every Olympics world records are broken. Every four years the bar is raised. The level of play is continually lifted. When you bring the best of the best from around the world, and have them compete, it always brings out the best in each athlete. In our own lives, when we surround ourselves with talented people it raises our own games. We want to be around people who challenge us, lift us up, and inspire us to work towards becoming better each and everyday.

Enjoy the Olympics! Go USA!!

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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JP Clark