3 Essential Strategies to Build Unshakeable Confidence

“Just go out there and be confident” is a phrase we often hear.

However… as we all know, it’s not that simple…

But… What if there was a group of individuals who all possessed elite levels of confidence… Would you be interested in finding out more about their success strategies?

Keep reading as I am going to share with you the mindset and habits of basketball’s most elite shooters, and the systems they use to build confidence.

No matter your profession, whether you play sports or not, we can all use these lessons to strengthen our internal beliefs.

Shooting and Confidence:

Ask any shooter the key to making shots, and you will almost always hear the same response, “Confidence.”

Shooting and confidence are synonymously linked together. The more confident the shooter, the better he/she will shoot it. The higher the level of play, the more confident the shooter.

So if our aim is to study confidence building strategies, what better group to study than some of the world’s elite shooters. (Side note: It also helps in the research process when your dad once scored 70 points in a collegiate game!  Sports Illustrated Article).

The Ultra Confident: Jamal Crawford: 

During the 2007-2008 season, Jamal Crawford was a star guard for the New York Knicks. In a January game against the Miami Heat, Jamal started the game off by missing his first four shots.

After missing four shots in a row, most players would stop shooting… thinking to themselves… “It’s just not my night.” However, not Jamal Crawford.

Jamal went on to make his next 16 shots in a row scoring a career high 52 points…

By refusing to let a couple of missed shots alter his confidence, Jamal became one of only 24 players to score 50+ points in Madison Square Garden!

A Look Inside Confidence: 

We have all experienced lulls within our confidence. One moment our confidence is at an all time high, only for it to be shaken moments later…

What might surprise you is even the world’s best athletes struggle with their confidence…

However, elite players have the ability to regain their confidence back quicker than most. As you saw with Jamal, being able to maintain your confidence through struggle is really the great separator. 

Let’s take a look at a few more areas we can learn from the world’s best shooters…

3 Confidence Boosting Strategies:

1. Elite Shooters have Short Memories: Elite Shooters do not dwell on a failed attempt. They “Flush” misses and focus on making the next shot. By applying the short memory theory within our own lives we can learn to view a misstep as simply a missed shot. We know another opportunity is coming, and by focusing on the “Next Play,” we can be fully ready for our next shot.  

16 JJ Picture for Article2. Elite Shooters Keep Shooting: A string of misses will not hold an elite shooter back. Shooter’s shoot. That’s what they do. That’s who they are. As JJ Redick says, “Mentally, being a great shooter is having the confidence to take the next shot.” We can adapt this strategy by continually getting up when we get knocked down. We keep fighting. We keep chipping away. We strengthen our beliefs as we refuse to stay down.

3. Elite Shooters Believe the Next Shot is In: Elite shooters have built up their confidence through a lifetime of continuous repetition. They always believe the next open look is in. Similarly, by zeroing in on constant repetition within our craft, we can develop our skills,  maximize our talent, and operate with our own confident beliefs. 

Through our study, we see that elite shooters put the work in, they prepare thoroughly, and they fully believe in themselves.

Only then are they able to “Go out there and be confident.”

Which strategy can you implement to build your confidence? 

Until next week, thanks for reading!


Keep Chipping Away at your Greatness

JP Clark